Safe, Secure, Robust

Keeping your data safe is our number 1 priority

The ENGAGE Platform is now an ISO 27001 certified platform. At ENGAGE XR Ltd, we recognize that Information Security is critical to our customers. This certification reflects the emphasis we place on ensuring the highest standards of safety.

With ENGAGE your data is safe
As a SaaS company that’s dedicated to supporting customers, we take your data and its security very seriously. In fact, it is super critical to us that your data remains safe, and we constantly monitor and work towards closing any threats that might put it at risk.

We will only keep your Personal Data for the amount of time that it is necessary. This is usually for as long as you hold an ENGAGE account. We deal internally with Personal Data in a way that ensures protection against unauthorized or unlawful processing.

We partner with the best
We are partnering with Amazon AWS and Exit Games, who are some of the most respected names in the industry when it comes to data security. We also keep abreast with industry best-practices and ensure we are in accordance with changes and updates.
Continuous improvement
We are always trying to improve our security systems and safeguard your data in ENGAGE. It is our responsibility to resolve any vulnerabilities in the system that threaten your information and privacy. We are open to your inputs and any feedback that can help us to improve our setup and make ENGAGE better for all of us.