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ENGAGE Oasis is a Metaverse designed for professionals where MetaWorlds are linked together via a series of portals and bridges in publicly accessible plazas. Code-named “Oasis”, this metaverse will be available Q2/Q3 2022.

ISO 27001 Certified
Multi Platform Access
Professional User Network
ENGAGE Oasis - Coming Soon

Link Worlds Businesses Networks Customers

ENGAGE Oasis will be available for the public to explore for free and consists of multiple virtual plaza locations. Each plaza has its own theme, and clients who own public MetaWorlds will have the choice to list their own MetaWorld via a portal inside the plaza structure.

Initial launch plazas will be Enterprise Plaza, Education Plaza and Creative Plaza. Enterprise and professional users who register on ENGAGE Oasis will receive a virtual apartment and will have the ability to host events and create content to share within the Oasis.

ENGAGE Oasis - Coming Soon

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