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ENGAGE is the Enterprise Metaverse platform for Company Culture Training & Development Professional Events On-boarding Daily Stand-ups Immersive Meetings Employee Wellbeing

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What is ENGAGE?

We are a spatial network solution for enterprise clients to build their own unique virtual world “MetaWorld” which can be used for employee on-boarding, training, product demos, wellbeing, customer outreach and professional events. Click service below to find out more.

ENGAGE provides large scale event services where attendees feel like they are taking part in a physical event. Why not have virtual exhibit halls for attendees to explore, keynote speakers on stage and sales staff engaging directly with attendees using features such as spatial audio and virtual locations.

Have you got a remote team of employees that need to communicate every day? Host your daily stand-ups in a virtual room where you can collaborate on whiteboards, share videos / presentations and run kanban sessions making communication more efficient.

Want a product launch that’s different from the rest? Invite the press, key clients and staff to a virtual product launch where key frame animation can be used to wow audiences. Bring in virtual versions of your products and have attendees interact with them. Bring in something as big as a car or as small as a microchip. The possibilities are endless.

In this new remote/hybrid working world, on-boarding new employees and training current employees can be challenging via video-based platforms. Keeping employees engaged can be difficult when passively absorbing video content to answer questions at the end of a long session. Why not have fully interactive and immersive training content available providing a more enjoyable learning environment and achieving better test results within your organization.

Company culture can be easily lost when employees are working remotely at different locations around the world. Those water cooler moments you might have had with work colleagues or business lunches with managers don’t happen and you may never get a sense of the person you are working with on a daily basis.

Having an always-on persistent virtual office where employees can bump into each other and take part in small mini games while participating in informal meetings is a great way to keep connections between employees.

Need an exciting way to show off your latest product or connect with a key client? Try meeting them virtually to shake their hand and demo your products. Your meetings don’t have to be in standard rooms either. You can meet on Mars or inside an arcade cabinet and interact with your surroundings. The possibilities are endless.

ENGAGE is a framework to build and deploy your remote work communication, training and product development strategy within the metaverse. Built for professionals, by professionals, ENGAGE MetaWorlds are an easy first step into spatial metaverse computing for you, your employees and your customers. If you have an idea you want to see implemented or a pressing employee need that requires attention, why not reach out today and see what metaverse computing is all about.